Meet Our Sponsors

We are so grateful for these generous sponsors and partners for supporting our services and clients!

Funding Partners
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Program Partners
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Veterinary and Other Pet Service Partners

"Ruff Haven’s mission to keep pets with their people by offering a safe haven for pets during times of human crisis is critically important and in alignment with Utah Humane’s mission. They care for their clients with excellent case management and support them as individuals on their way back to stability. They ensure their clients are set up for successful reunification by providing veterinary care for their pets through relationships with Utah Humane and Canyons Veterinary Clinic."

The Humane Society of Utah

"The services provided by Ruff Haven have had a direct impact on staff and patient satisfaction regarding the collaborative process in place for pets whose owners are hospitalized. We now have a partner we can call that will care for these pets as their own. If the pet needs medical care or vaccines, Ruff Haven will provide it along with sheltering at no cost to our Veteran population. The Veterans trust the staff and can contact them to receive regular updates. This newfound process has allowed us to increase staff productivity and decrease patient care disruptions."

VA Salt Lake City Health Care System

"Their sheltering program is beneficial for both organizations as it not only provides a temporary safe haven for companion animals but also provides us with an addition resource for pets currently in our care whose owners are unable to house them due to current or ongoing circumstances. This program has increased our ability to provide positive experiences and outcomes for the families of the animals who have ended up in our care that are not able to go directly back into their homes.

Salt Lake County Animal Services