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Who is eligible for your program? 

Pet owners in Utah who are temporarily unable to care for their pet(s) due to crisis situations such as hospitalizations, substance use treatment, natural disasters, domestic violence, and other personal crises. We are not able to assist people who are moving due to personal choice (building a house, etc.), do not want to pay for boarding, or other non-crisis situations. If you are looking for boarding you can check out Dogs All Day for their boarding prices.  


Is there a cost for your program? 

There is no required cost for Ruff Haven's crisis sheltering program. We do ask owners to contribute whatever they can for the care of their pet(s) as a donation. 


I can't take my pet back within 60 days. Can you still help? 

Our program is short-term sheltering in order to reunite owners after a temporary crisis. We may allow a limited extension when needed. Providing brief, temporary stays allows us to serve more pet parents in the community. We encourage all pet owners to first reach out to family, friends, and even Facebook groups. If unsuccessful we can direct you to local shelters and rescues who can help you find a new home for your pet. 


My pet doesn't get along well with other animals. Can we still be admitted? 

As we use a pet boarding facility, or private foster homes with pets,  all animals must be able to get along with other animals. We cannot accept dogs who are aggressive to other dogs, or people, or who have a bite history.


My pet is not spayed or neutered. Are we still eligible for your program? 

All animals accepted into our program must be spayed/neutered prior to admission or be spayed/neutered while under our care. If you do not wish to spay/neuter your pet(s) we are unfortunately unable to accept you and your pet(s) into our program.


What happens if I can't reclaim my pet?  

If you are unable to care for your pet(s) at the end of the contract or find a private party to take them, we will place them for adoption with the help of one of our shelter or rescue partners.


I don't always have access to a phone. Can I still use your program?   

One of our requirements is a mandatory weekly check-in with a volunteer. This ensures you are receiving updates about your pet(s) and we can check in with you about your progress. If you are unable to send a text or an email on a weekly basis (other than during incarceration or treatment blackout periods) we are unable to admit you into our program.


Do you pick up pets for intake? 

We currently do not offer this service. If you are unable to bring your pet to us please find a friend or relative who can bring you and your pet to our facility. If you are hospitalized or unable to physically come to our shelter we can do the intake paperwork over the phone or via video call. Please inform us of the name of the person dropping off your pet(s) to our facility. 


Can I come in for a tour of your facility?

Due to the majority of our animals in our care being housed in a dog boarding facility we do not have volunteers available for tours as this time, We ask that you do not stop by the facility unannounced or without an appointment. If you would like to take a photo tour of the facility you can do so HERE


Can I visit my pet while they are in the program? 

Yes! We encourage all parents to visit their pet when they can. We do send pictures, videos, and updates when time allows. If you want to visit with your pet please text us to set up a time. If your pet is sheltered in a foster home we will schedule a time for a visit at Dogs All Day. All communication with the foster home is through our volunteers, rather than directly with the pet owners. 

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