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Gender: Female

Weight: 60 lbs

Age: 4 years old

Can Live With: Children, Dogs

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Up to Date on Vaccines: Yes

Any Special Needs: N/A

Location: Riverton

Owner Info: Brittany C. (801) 310-2320


Athena plays with dogs well, she sometimes gets a little aggressive but telling her to relax and she does. We have a 4 yr old daughter and an 8 month old. She is AMAZING! With them, shes loving and protective. She will sit or lay by them happily, and give them kisses often. She loves to jump on people to greet them but after the first greeting she is happy and will usually leave you alone. She loves to cuddle and gives kisses all the time. She enjoys chewing on toys, she doesnt really play well with them and instead just plays on it or chews on it. She crys when shes left alone, she is very much a clinger and has to follow you everywhere. She is potty trained and will whine at the door or scratch when she needs to use the potty. She struggles eating fast, so we use a maze bowl to help slow her eating. She also doesnt know when to stop drinking water and will over drink, so we slow her water intake so she doesnt puke by over drinking. She is a very happy, loving dog. Her smile is big and lights up her eyes to this pretty golden hue that just makes your day. She knows sit, laydown, stay, come. Shes only ever been aggressive towards other animals or people when we are threatened and being attacked. She will literally run up to anyone and give loves, unless she has her innate sense that something is wrong. She will take baths perfectly easy with zero aggression, she might drink some water but that's it. I have all paper on her from the vet, for every vaccination and every grooming etc. I dont have them on files, just paper form. Shes been taken to the vet every year and is fully vaccinated.