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Tali Brenner-
Volunteer Coordinator

Tali is beyond ecstatic to join Ruff Haven as its Volunteer Coordinator! Ruff Haven’s unique mission of keeping pets with their people spoke directly to her. After losing her father at a young age, her family immediately welcomed their first two doggos, Bella and Mouse, who provided immense snuggles and unconditional love. Bella and Mouse would teach her the value of the animal human relationship.

Tali grew up in the Washington D.C. metro area, and carried her passion for people, animals, and volunteering to various countries and cities, such as New Orleans, Jamaica, Uganda, Chicago, and now Salt Lake City. Working in a variety of animal-rescue settings, she learned the same lesson carries on; animal welfare and human welfare are intertwined.

Outside of volunteering, Tali enjoys donuts, tacos, data-crunching and visualization, dog-memes, and escaping into the mountains. While she doesn’t own a pet currently, her dream dog/dog name would be a Pit Bull named Tato, short for Potato/Pitato. 

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