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Custom Dedications


Dedicate a custom portrait flagstone to your pet. Your flagstone will be displayed in front of

Dogs All Day and Ruff Haven headquarters.

Click the button below to make your donation and order your custom flagstone. Only one pet per stone. We will reach out to you for photos and questions about your custom stone!

Please allow up to 45 days for completion of your stone.

Portraits and artwork by Tannen. 

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Facility Sponsorships

Purradise City Bridge 

Sponsor our Purradise City kitty bridge! Your sponsorship plaque will be placed in the Dogs All Day Lobby, right outside the Purradise City window. This is one of the most trafficked areas in the building, as visitors cannot help spend time at the window to see what our resident kitties are up to! 

Sponsorship is $500 per year. 

Purradise City Bubble

Sponsor our favorite kitty hangout spot in Purradise City, our fun astronaut bubble! You will often find one of our residents taking a cat nap in it, keeping tabs on their feline roommates. Purradise City is a favorite visiting place of our volunteers, clients, and corporate partners. 

Sponsorship is $250 a year. 

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