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Lisa Beal-
Dog Walking Mentor

Born in India, Lisa was adopted at the age of two by a single mother. She grew up in Southern California. In 2013, she graduated from California State University, San Bernadino, with a BA in Criminal Justice. She worked with the San Bernadino Sheriff’s Department for seven years. In 2018, she moved from the “Golden State” to the “Evergreen State.” Lisa lived on the Long Beach Peninsula, in Washington, for four years.  While living there, Lisa was a volunteer dog walker for the South Pacific County Humane Society. Lisa shares their vision to provide every cat and dog with a loving home, free of abuse and neglect. Lisa adamantly opposes every act of animal cruelty and violence.

Lisa started volunteering with Ruff Haven in March of 2023.  Lisa’s goal is to provide the dogs at Ruff Haven with the love and affection they truly deserve. Ruff Haven is important to Lisa because the shelter is committed to keeping furbabies with their owners. She has had dogs her entire life and could never imagine being permanently separated from them.  Lisa loves and adores her 14-year-old Chihuahua/Poodle named “Titus.” His personality sure fits his powerful name. He is small but mighty! She credits Titus with saving her life. He is the light of her life. Lisa also enjoys volunteering with the Road to Recovery Program, through The American Cancer Society.  

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