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Linnéa Scott-
Social Media Coordinator

Linnéa’s love for animals started before she can even remember. She began horse back riding at the age of 5 and regularly convinced her parents to add “just one more” animal to the family- the peak being 4 cats, 3 dogs, 2 hamsters, 1 horse, and some feeder mice she saw at a pet store that she couldn’t let become a snake’s dinner. One of her favorite birthday memories was her 9th birthday held at the humane society in her home town of Warwick, New York.


Linnéa moved to Salt Lake City, UT in January of 2020 and quickly began volunteering with Best Friends Animal Society, starting her position as a Lifesaving and Care Specialist shortly thereafter. Her first day was also the first day of COVID shut down and an earthquake here in Utah. Linnéa and the rest of the adoptions team adapted quickly and helped to restructure the adoption process to be COVID-safe. She loved getting to know the animals to provide the best bios for prospective families, and even more so, loved getting photos and videos to help promote them on social media. 


Linnéa now works for a company helping small businesses work on their business credit and obtain financing. She is excited to be taking on the roll of Social Media Coordinator here at Ruff Haven to continue her connection with animal welfare.

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