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¡Gracias por su interés en unirse al equipo de voluntarios de Ruff Haven! Como nuestra organización está completamente dirigida por voluntarios, ellos son el corazón de nuestro equipo. Los voluntarios nos permiten brindar la mejor atención a nuestros residentes de cuatro patas, así como a nuestros clientes humanos. Ya sea que esté disponible entre semana, fines de semana o solo para oportunidades remotas, tenemos un lugar para usted aquí en Ruff Haven. ¡Únase a nosotros hoy para ayudar a mantener mascotas con su gente! Si está buscando horas de servicio comunitario ordenadas por la corte, haga clic AQUÍ . 

Requisitos básicos para voluntarios

  • Debe tener al menos 18 años

  • Debe tener una cuenta de correo electrónico que funcione y poder acceder a Internet para inscribirse en los turnos

  • Debe poder comprar una camiseta de voluntario por $ 10 y usarla cada vez que sea voluntario

  • Debe poder comprometerse con al menos dos turnos voluntarios por mes (compromiso de tiempo de 4 horas) durante al menos seis meses

  • Apoye la misión de Ruff Haven Crisis Sheltering



Actual  Voluntarios: Inicie sesión en la base de datos de voluntarios aquí para inscribirse en los turnos y actualizar su información.

  • Cat Room Volunteer
    Volunteers work to ensure the cleanliness of the cages, while socializing the cats and kittens. We have up to seven residents in our Cat Room at a time. Specific duties include: socializing and comforting the cats; monitoring behavior and medical needs on daily log; maintaining cleanliness cages and the room; stocking supplies; assisting with dishes; scrubbing litter pans; sweeping and mopping; providing fresh water; and passing out toys. Direct animal handling required.
  • Dog Walking Volunteer
    Volunteers will walk the resident client dogs who are in boarding during their time in our program. This helps provide enrichment and exercise, especially for the dogs who may not be able to open play with other dogs. Specific duties include: walking dogs near Dogs All Day in SLC, using clicker training to help them develop positive behaviors, socializing the dogs with new people. Direct animal handling required.
  • Delivery Driver- Pet Food Pantry
    Ruff Haven has an onsite pet food pantry twice a month for Utah residents. This occurs on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month, from 3-6 PM. Deliveries can be done anytime between 12-6 PM on those days. You choose the time that best works with your schedule! We provide delivery of pet food and other supplies to homebound individuals. Volunteer opportunity entails delivering items to recipients within a 10-mile radius of 1370 S. 400 W. There are typically 9-10 deliveries, which take approximately two hours in total. The more delivery volunteers, the less time! Gas will be reimbursed. An optimized delivery route will be provided. Volunteer must have their own car and up-to-date insurance.
  • Pet Food Pantry Volunteer
    Ruff Haven has an onsite pet food pantry twice a month for Utah residents. This occurs on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month, from 3-6 PM. Our pet food pantry is drive-up style, outside our facility. Volunteers will assist with pulling the requested orders and taking them out to the car. Many of them have adorable dogs inside! This volunteer opportunity can involve carrying up to 40 lb. dog food bags short distances of several feet, lifting bags onto and off of carts, and wheeling carts outside in all LSCweather conditions.
  • Events Volunteer
    Ruff Haven holds several events throughout the year. Many of these are booths at local business events, information tables, or other fun opportunities to spread the word about Ruff Haven. Be the welcoming face of Ruff Haven by answering questions, providing program information, and sell merchandise. You'll not only be an essential part of making our events a success, but you'll also have the chance to meet wonderful people, forge new friendships, and create lasting memories. Setup and tear down volunteers are also needed! Help us create an inviting and festive atmosphere for the event by assisting with setup and decoration tasks. Our merchandise booths are often the most attended and talked about of the event!

¡Solicite ser voluntario con nosotros! 

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Focos voluntarios

Marzo de 2021- Eva Kubon

Abril de 2021- Valerie Yoder

Mayo de 2021: Adrian Adams

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