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Rehome Your Pet

The fact you are here on this rehoming site shows you are a responsible and loving pet owner.

Things often happen out of our control and you may find yourself in the difficult position of having to find a new home for your pet. We are here to help make this difficult process a little easier.

By filling out this form, I understand and agree to the following terms:

1. I am adding my pet to the Pet Rehoming Online Service through Ruff Haven Crisis Sheltering. All listings will be reviewed and posted within 24 to 72 hours. 

2. My pet is spayed/neutered. All dogs, cats, and rabbits must be spayed or neutered before posting.

3. I will update Ruff Haven if my animal finds a new home, or if I am able to keep him/her. Your post will remain on our site for 30 days. It is your responsibility to update Ruff Haven regarding the status of your listing.

4. I understand that my contact information will be listed in this posting, including email address and phone number.

For additional questions please email

Frequently Asked Questions

For tips about how to write a great pet profile, meeting safely, and a template for a rehoming contract, click over to the Home to Home website.

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