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Jen Baker

Dog Walking Mentor

Jen moved to Salt Lake City in 2019 and joined Ruff Haven in 2022. She provides dog care and enjoys walking dogs who have zoomies! Jen grew up with dogs and cats. She’s always been an animal lover, and her first job was dog sitting for her neighbors when she was 10. Her first volunteer gig was introducing adoptable animals on the local news. Jen and her husband Nick currently have 2 fur babies, Arya and Echo. Both are Belgian Sheepdogs.

Jen also enjoys tennis, pickleball, rock climbing, hiking, and skiing. While she’s out walking the dogs, Jen is probably listening to Conan or true crime podcasts.

Lisa Beal

Born in India, Lisa was adopted at the age of two by a single mother. She grew up in Southern California. In 2013, she graduated from California State University, San Bernadino, with a BA in Criminal Justice. She worked with the San Bernadino Sheriff’s Department for seven years. In 2018, she moved from the “Golden State” to the “Evergreen State.” Lisa lived on the Long Beach Peninsula, in Washington, for four years.  While living there, Lisa was a volunteer dog walker for the South Pacific County Humane Society. Lisa shares their vision to provide every cat and dog with a loving home, free of abuse and neglect. Lisa adamantly opposes every act of animal cruelty and violence.

Lisa started volunteering with Ruff Haven in March of 2023.  Lisa’s goal is to provide the dogs at Ruff Haven with the love and affection they truly deserve. Ruff Haven is important to Lisa because the shelter is committed to keeping furbabies with their owners. She has had dogs her entire life and could never imagine being permanently separated from them.  Lisa loves and adores her 14-year-old Chihuahua/Poodle named “Titus.” His personality sure fits his powerful name. He is small but mighty! She credits Titus with saving her life. He is the light of her life. Lisa also enjoys volunteering with the Road to Recovery Program, through The American Cancer Society.  

Dog Walking Mentor

Alexis Beason

Bio Coming Soon

Foster Sitter Coordinator

Chris Bereshnyi

Purradise City Coordinator

Chris has been an animal lover all his life, something which was greatly influenced by his mother, who was always taking in stray and injured animals. As such, he has had the pleasure of interacting with numerous animals growing up.

Chris have two cats of  his own, Mitch and Carl, who are the quintessential odd couple. He began volunteering at the Humane Society of Utah in 2012, and still continues do so. He is a family therapist with Salt Lake County, and feels that interaction with animals can be very therapeutic and healing.

Tali Brenner

Tali is beyond ecstatic to join Ruff Haven as its Volunteer Coordinator! Ruff Haven’s unique mission of keeping pets with their people spoke directly to her. After losing her father at a young age, her family immediately welcomed their first two doggos, Bella and Mouse, who provided immense snuggles and unconditional love. Bella and Mouse would teach her the value of the animal human relationship.

Tali grew up in the Washington D.C. metro area, and carried her passion for people, animals, and volunteering to various countries and cities, such as New Orleans, Jamaica, Uganda, Chicago, and now Salt Lake City. Working in a variety of animal-rescue settings, she learned the same lesson carries on; animal welfare and human welfare are intertwined.

Outside of volunteering, Tali enjoys donuts, tacos, data-crunching and visualization, dog-memes, and escaping into the mountains. While she doesn’t own a pet currently, her dream dog/dog name would be a Pit Bull named Tato, short for Potato/Pitato. 

Volunteer Coordinator

Erin Hurtado

Erin currently serves as the Development Director for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Prior to working at the Foundation, she worked as the Development Director for the ACLU of Utah and Planned Giving Coordinator at both the Humane Society of Utah and the University of North Texas. Although she is a native Texan, she feels that since moving to Utah four years ago she has never felt more at home. When she is not raising money for causes that are important to her you can find her hiking with her friends, trying new restaurants with her husband, or cuddling with her rescue pups, Louie and Ella.

Erin is ecstatic to be able to help out such a wonderful organization that helps animals and their people. She feels that, through this role, she is able to combine her love of helping pets and their owners with her extensive non-profit fundraising experience to increase support and raise community awareness. 

Community Impact Manager

Isabel Imbriano

Graphic Designer

Isabel is a designer and artist living in Brooklyn, New York with her Bichon Frise Clover and cat Marcello. She graduated from the Fashion Institute Of Technology for graphic design and began volunteering with Ruff Haven in 2021. She enjoys doing art of animals, traveling and visiting roadside attractions, making stickers, and visiting New York's Prospect Park with her dog. 

Humph and Caitlin.jpg
Caitlin Lisle

Caitlin grew up with a fierce love for all animals. Her childhood best friend was a rescue lab mix named Sammy who went everywhere with her! As Caitlin got older, her love for animals only grew stronger. 


Caitlin has been working at The Humane Society of Utah for 12 years. Over the years she has worked in many different departments such as; outreach, behavior/rescue, clinic, and adoptions. With her experience and college background in education, she then started the Humane Education Department and is currently the Director. 


Caitlin strongly believes that the future of animal welfare starts with children. Teaching our children empathy and how to care for our companion animals is the greatest way to accomplish change and keep people and animals together. 


Caitlin is a huge bully breed advocate and shares her life with her four adopted dogs-Eleanor, Humphrey, Hazel and Winifred. 

Foster Sitter Coordinator

Linnéa Scott

Linnéa’s love for animals started before she can even remember. She began horse back riding at the age of 5 and regularly convinced her parents to add “just one more” animal to the family- the peak being 4 cats, 3 dogs, 2 hamsters, 1 horse, and some feeder mice she saw at a pet store that she couldn’t let become a snake’s dinner. One of her favorite birthday memories was her 9th birthday held at the humane society in her home town of Warwick, New York.


Linnéa moved to Salt Lake City, UT in January of 2020 and quickly began volunteering with Best Friends Animal Society, starting her position as a Lifesaving and Care Specialist shortly thereafter. Her first day was also the first day of COVID shut down and an earthquake here in Utah. Linnéa and the rest of the adoptions team adapted quickly and helped to restructure the adoption process to be COVID-safe. She loved getting to know the animals to provide the best bios for prospective families, and even more so, loved getting photos and videos to help promote them on social media. 


Linnéa now works for a company helping small businesses work on their business credit and obtain financing. She is excited to be taking on the roll of Social Media Coordinator here at Ruff Haven to continue her connection with animal welfare.

Social Media Coordinator

IMG_1755 (1).jpeg
Jackie Stanworth

Donations Coordinator

While volunteering with an organization that aids the unsheltered human population, Jackie saw Ruff Haven in action and immediately knew she had to be involved.  She loves everything she gets to do with them, but her favorite is the monthly outreach with the team. She’s grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the team. 


Jackie is a dog trainer who works in an elementary special needs classroom during the day, works with drag queens on the weekend, and also has her own pet-sitting business. When she is not working she can be found playing the drums, making dog treats, taking care of community cats, and enjoying live music. Her best friend is her 13-year-old deaf pug, Opti. ​


She dedicates her life to working with humans and animals alike to ensure that everyone has a safe place in the world, is better understood, and gets the chance they deserve to succeed

Grace Vianney

Bio Coming Soon

Marketing Coordinator

Valerie Yoder

Valerie is excited to join Ruff Haven as its Community Operations Specialist. After graduating from Westminster College with a degree in Computer Science, Valerie adopted her first cat, which changed her life plans to include animal welfare. She began volunteering at Best Friends Animal Society's Kitten Care Center when it opened in 2013, then joined as a part time employee for five years. She learned and developed best practices for kitten medical care and shelter data management, and is looking forward to using her skills at Ruff Haven.

In addition to working and volunteering in animal rescue, Valerie works as a Database Analyst in public health. Valerie enjoys gardening, hiking, and skiing in her spare time. She shares her home with her five cats and a variety of foster animals from bottle-fed kittens to unsocial cats and kittens.

Community Operations Specialist

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