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Looking to Rehome a Pet or Adopt a Rehomed Pet?

This page is here to facilitate that.

Many people believe the best place for an animal to go is to the shelter or rescue when they can no longer stay in their current home. These organizations have limited resources, and keeping your beloved pet out of the shelter is a better result for everyone. Direct adoption from loving home to loving home allows adopters to get information from the people who know them best and reduces the risk of stress and illness on the pet. Shelters can focus their limited resources on animals with no other options, leading to fewer animals being euthanized.

Benefits to Rehoming

  • Less stress for the pet

  • More space for the shelter

  • Adopters receive more information about the animals

  • The rehoming family is empowered to make the best decisions for their family, and knows who their pet's next guardian is

How Does It Work?

Pet guardians create a brief pet profile to be shared and published on our website. People who are interested in meeting and adopting that pet can reach out to the owner directly to set up a meeting. This service is completely free for both the rehoming family and the adopting family. 

What Does the Process Look Like?


Browse pets by their species, gender, & size.



Connect with Adoptee

Reach out to a guardian to learn more about your future pet.

Submit your pets info and we'll add him/her to our website.

Reach out to a guardian to learn more about your future pet.

Plan to Meet

Meet in a safe, public place where you and the pet feel comfortable.

Want to Adopt a Pet?

Want to Rehome Your Pet?

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