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Gender: Female

Weight: 70 Pounds

Age:  7 years

Can Live With:  Children, Dogs, Cats, Rabbits

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Up to Date on Vaccines: Yes

Any Special Needs:  She has been eating Victor brand super premium dog food (Senior Healthy Weight). Sometimes a couple of treats are sprinkled in to better entice her to eat.

Location: Sandy

Owner Info: Brian C. (801) 244-9402


Sophie is a very sweet, loyal, and obedient dog. She absolutely adores children. She is entirely house-trained, and does not chew things up (besides her designated toys), or relieve herself inside.

Her favorite thing to do is chase down a tennis ball or a frisbee. She loves snow (nickname: "Snowphie").

She communicates very well, and knows these phrases/commands: sit, stay, stop, no, ok, go, go get it, toy, get your toy, come, heel, lie down, eat, treat, breakfast/dinner, hungry, drink, water, walk, park, potty, poop, shake, good girl, etc.

Over the past few years, Sophie has split her time between a home with another dog (boxer mix) and rabbits, and a home with two cats. She has had no incident with any of these animals. We've found she can be trusted cohabitating with animals in general. She has not been socialized with other dogs outside of the one she's been living with. So, the simplest option would be for her to be the only dog in the home. However, she has lived with at least one other dog before, so she can again, if need be.

Her ideal environment would be a home with exterior space (fenced, if surrounded by other nearby properties). She should not be home alone the majority of most days, if avoidable. The best bet is to have her be the only dog in the home to avoid potential unresolvable conflict, but she has been successful at cohabitating with another dog before.

You'll see I marked that she has aggression towards animals. This has only been displayed towards other dogs. This is more due to her not being socialized in her earliest years, thus, she doesn't immediately trust strange dogs.

Regarding her being reactive on a leash, when it's just you and her, she is very obedient and calm on the leash (she'll display typical excitement levels that any dog would on a walk). The only stimuli that she is often reactive to is when she sees other people (sometimes) and when she sees other dogs. Barks at people are not true aggression, because the moment the person comes into her bubble, she's cool and curious, rather than vocal. People are 100% safe around her. Her people-related barking is not prolonged. It's more like her saying, "Hey! Who are you? Are you cool? Ok, cool."

I've also marked her as having separation anxiety. I did so because of how happy she is when someone she knows arrives home. That's just regular excitement, which can become pent up in the space we have for her now, which is one of the reasons I hope to find a bigger, better home for her.

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