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Gender: Male

Weight: 110 lbs

Age: 1 Year

Can Live With: Children, Dogs, Livestock, Cats, Chickens, Horses 

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Up to Date on Vaccines: Yes

Any Special Needs: N/A

Location:  Taylorsville

Owner Info: Liam S. (385) 306-0958


Morty is good with dogs of all sizes. It takes him a little bit of sniffing with big dogs to get comfortable, but he loves little dogs. He has been around my small nephews and he's been just fine, but due to his high energy level, I suggest having him around children who are a bit older and understand boundaries. He loves cats and has been introduced to rodents and he is always gentle. He walks decently on a leash, but it must be retractable because he pulls. He knows how to sit, shake paws, and lay down if you point to where you want him to go. He barks a lot which can be one of the biggest issues, but all Great Pyrenees are known for barking. His ideal home would be spacious on the inside, free of too much clutter so that he can move around, and a large, fenced-in yard is a must. He enjoys spending lots of time outside. He does know how to fetch but would rather play tug-of-war. Overall, Morty is a great dog, but he needs somebody who is patient and can give him lots of exercise