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Gender: Male

Weight: 70 lbs

Age: 6 years old

Can Live With: Children, Birds, Cats, Chickens, Dogs

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Up to Date on Vaccines: Yes

Any Special Needs: N/A

Location: North Salt Lake

Owner Info: Katie M. (385) 424-7455


Koda loves kids. He lets my 2 year old son hug on him, lay on him and does not mind, in fact he smiles and loves the attention. When he has had enough, he will walk away from my child. He is a very sweet, loving dog and really enjoys cuddles and being brushed. He stays at home out of a kennel for 8hrs a day as long as he is taken out for at least 5-10 minutes in the morning before I leave. He knows the commands, sit and lay but has a terrible recall. I keep him on leash unless we are at dog park due to him wandering off. However, Ive never had a dog do so well on leash before. He responds well to a gentle tug when he gets distracted sniffing something and will walk close to you and does not pull.
I have a cat and he has done really well with her. He attempted to play and chase her but was receptive with training when I told him no.
Koda needs a forever home and would love a home with kids, dogs, or just another human. He just wants love.