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Gender:  Male

Weight:  14 Pounds

Age:  2 yrs. old

Can Live With:  Older Children 12+, Dogs, Cats, Chickens, Rabbits

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Up to Date on Vaccines: No

Any Special Needs: None

Location: Murray

Owner Info: Teighlor M. (801) 808-6841


Dewey is a really sweet boy. He has been through a lot in his short little life, a lot of change. He definitely has some separation anxiety and what I think might be some fear aggression. I wish circumstances were different because he truly is such a funny quirky little dog who just wants to be loved. He knows sit, lay down. I've been trying to be consistent with his kennel. Sometimes he just puts himself in there to calm down. I think sometimes he gets overwhelmed and doesn't know what to do with that but a long walk always helps too. He's great on leash. He's lived with dogs all his life. But he might also benefit from being the only dog for awhile while he works through some issues. I love this sweet boy more than anything, due to current life circumstances I don't know when I'll be able to give him all that he deserves. I just desperately do not want to have to take him to a shelter. I don't think he will make it in one and that kills me. He deserves another chance and stability I just don't have.

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