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Mike Tams-

Honorary Lifetime Board Member

Mike passed away in December 2020. We are grateful for his immeasurable passion and love of our clients, furry residents, and support of our program. 

Mike is a native Utahn and has lived in the Salt Lake County area for the last six years. He currently works in data security in Draper. 


Mike is a two-time beagle owner, and admits that many people would say that getting a second beagle says that must say something about his mental state. But he says that he wouldn’t trade it for anything. He lost he first beagle seven years ago and after three years, came to the realization that his life was missing something. Enter Dexter, who has stolen his heart and keeps him busy supporting Dexter’s current term as the Salt Lake County Canine Mayor Dexter. 


Mike is excited to be able to work with this amazing organization and wants to see every animal be able to have to life that Dexter has.

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