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Gender:  Female

Weight:  40 Pounds

Age:  6 yrs. old

Can Live With: Dogs

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Up to Date on Vaccines: Unknown

Any Special Needs: Medication

Location: Salt Lake City

Owner Info: Olivia H. (801) 664-8916


Luna has the biggest personality. She is so loyal, loving and fun. She is very expressive and makes the funniest faces and dances. She loves being outside in the mountains and laying in the sunshine (when it's not too hot). She loves cuddling and could lick and grim her owners all day. She likes a moderate amount of activity but she she doesn't have a lot of stamina so she'll often run and play and then quickly decide to rest.
Luna does best with owners that work from home because she gets very lonely. She sits near me all day while I work. She also would do best with someone more introverted and female because she doesn't do well with strangers or men.
Luna is a Keeshond and they are bred to be companion watch dogs, so she barks. This makes her an excellent guard dog (great if you're worried about break-ins).Keeshonds are also a winter breed (similar to a husky) and they like to do their own thing and can be quite difficult to train.
She knows how to sit, lay down, shake hands and jump.
She has a lot of anxiety and needs a lot of patience and kindness.

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