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Lexey Payne-

Board Member

Lexey is 21 years old and currently lives in West Jordan with her two adorable cats, Nygil Mortimer and Zara Fey. She is a first generation college student currently working on her degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Theatre Arts and Film Studies. Eventually she hopes to work her way up to directing community theatre and teaching theatre courses at a High School level. She is currently attending Salt Lake Community College and is ready to transfer on to a Bachelor’s program this Fall!


Lexey grew up in a house full of dogs, her parents have always been very big animal rights advocates and Lexey has grown into the same habits. When she was 13 her mom bought Lexey her very first cat, Nygil. Once she graduated High School Lexey had Nygil registered as an Emotional Support Animal. After growing up in a house full of dogs it seemed that being an only pet didn’t suit Nygil very well when Lexey moved away from home. He needed a friend and there came along Zara! Lexey adopted Zara as a rescue kitten at one month old, she is now a just over a year old and loves her best friend Nygil!


After leaving a toxic and destructive relationship Lexey had to end her shared lease suddenly and was then in between apartments with nowhere to keep her cats. She couldn’t bare the thought of rehoming her cats so she searched for somewhere to keep them safe while she got back on her feet. This is how she got involved with Ruff Haven! Nygil and Zara stayed with an amazing Ruff Haven Foster Family for one month while Lexey adjusted to her new life and found her new apartment. Now that they have returned home, Lexey feels more passionate than ever about keeping pets with their people.

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