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Dude & Jill

Gender: Male & Female

Weight: 9 & 6 Pounds

Age:  4 Years

Can Live With: Children, Dogs, Cats, Chickens, Guinea Pigs, Horses, Rabbits

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Up to Date on Vaccines: Yes

Any Special Needs: None

Location: Levan

Owner Info: Susan K. 503-317-8204

Description:  We got Dude and his sister Jill when they were 8 weeks old. They are now 4 years old. They have a delightful addition to our home and family. They are inside cats that like to venture out in the yard for an hour or two in the morning, and in the evening. They pretty much stay in our yard. They are litter box trained. We have never had an accident or damage to the house. They are well behaved and scratch on the cat scratcher. They have been "fixed" and are very mild mannered. They do not scratch and are very loveable. The negative is since they have been "fixed" they really wouldn't be able to hold their own in a fight with outdoor stray cats. They need the protection of a home for safety. We love our kitties and are broken hearted to have to part with them. My husband and I have accepted a mission call to Washington D C and we aren't allowed to take our pets with us. We would like them to be adopted together since they have been best friends from birth. They will be nervous near new pets at first but will adjust.

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