Jamie Kelley
Event Coordinator

Born in Texas, raised in Seattle, married for 14 yrs with 13 kids. Those 13 kids are 2 dogs, 6 cats, 3 ducks, and 2 chickens. Before we had all these rescues, we would travel to destinations based on where we could visit or volunteer to help animals. We have been to an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, an animal sanctuary in Colombia, and many sanctuaries around the U.S.

We now volunteer weekly with Clementine Ranch in Herriman, but before moving to Utah 3 yrs ago, I volunteered with with Pasado’s Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary in western Washington State, as well as forever fostering a sweet pup from Old Dog Haven, who provide homes for senior dogs who are deemed unadoptable based on medical conditions.

Past-times & passions include going to animal related events/fundraisers, creating events for animals, eating vegan food, and of course watching true crime docs (excluding children or animals).