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Caitlin Lisle-
Foster Sitter Coordinator

Caitlin grew up with a fierce love for all animals. Her childhood best friend was a rescue lab mix named Sammy who went everywhere with her! As Caitlin got older, her love for animals only grew stronger. 


Caitlin has been working at The Humane Society of Utah for 12 years. Over the years she has worked in many different departments such as; outreach, behavior/rescue, clinic, and adoptions. With her experience and college background in education, she then started the Humane Education Department and is currently the Director. 


Caitlin strongly believes that the future of animal welfare starts with children. Teaching our children empathy and how to care for our companion animals is the greatest way to accomplish change and keep people and animals together. 


Caitlin is a huge bully breed advocate and shares her life with her four adopted dogs-Eleanor, Humphrey, Hazel and Winifred. 

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